Introducing EZShapes®

EZShapes quickly empowers you to create any shapefile to effectively represent your data. A simple web interface provides all you need to create the custom shapes that will make your data come alive.


Fast, accurate, and simple raster-to-polygon scanning algorithms can convert many complex drawings with a single click.

  • Edit data elements on a new or existing shapefile
  • Edit graphics using operations such as node edits, slice, subtract, merge, and simplify
Node Editing


Create shapefiles by tracing a raster drawing such as a JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP file.

  • Loads and modifies industry-standard shapefiles
  • Helps turn your line art and maps into shapefiles
  • Create shapefiles from scratch


Exported shapefiles can be used as Choropleth maps with DAS.

  • Export results as shapefiles, GeoJSON, or SVG file formats
  • Map-base filtering makes your reports easier to produce and more professional
EZShapes Detail 2

EZShapes is part of ReportsNow, which also includes DAS8, mobie®, and all our other amazing solutions. It’s everything you need to let end users create brilliant, real-time reports and dashboards with JD Edwards data.

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